Elite Pipeline Cleaning Pigs is a specialist Pipeline Equipment, Products, and Services provider with a wealth of knowledge & experience attained over many years. 

Elite Pipeline Pigs
(SAIF-Zone), Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Chaoyang District , Beijing, China.

Elite Pipeline Cleaning Pigs

Elite serving the pipeline industry by solving the pigging needs of our customers.

Pigging Equipment includes Pig Launcher and Receiver Traps, Quick Opening Closure (QOC) and Pig Detectors/Indicator are supplied according to the client’s specifications and applicable manufacturing standards.

Pipeline Cleaning Pigs

Pig is a special tool motivated by gas, liquid or other....

Pig Tracking & Inspection Instruments

Pig Tracking & Inspection Instruments are used to ensure...

Pig Launcher & Reciver

vessels used in the pipeline pigging industry that launch the pipeline maintenance device...

Quick Opening Closure

Quick Opening Closures can be used to provide rapid and frequent access...

Pipeline Pig Signaller

Pipeline Pig signaller or Pig detector is a device installed on a pipeline...

Cups And Discs

multi-dimensional cup is built to allow a metal mandrel pig to pass through reduced areas in pipelines.

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