Pig Tracking equipment enables operators to detect the exact location of pigs as they travel through the pipeline. By utilizing this technology, pipeline operators or service crews can respond rapidly to stalled pigs, which may pose an operational risk to the pipeline. In addition, operators can track the presence of the pig from the beginning to the end of the run, recording any unexpected speed excursions or periods of stalling in the system.

Pig tracking is considered good practice, particularly when there’s a concern about a pig becoming stalled or stuck in the pipeline, such as during commissioning of a newly constructed system, or when working on a line that has been infrequently or never pigged.

Pig Trap System

The barrel is the section of the pig trap, from the pig trap valve up to and including the end closure which is required to launch and receive pigs.
It consists of three parts:

  • Major barrel: An enlarged section of the barrel used for loading or retrieving pigs
  • Reducer: A between major and minor barrel
  • Minor barrel: A section of the barrel between the pig trap valve and the reducer.

The major barrel is equipped with a quick open closure end.  This allows for more efficient loading and unloading of the pigs.

Kicker Line
A kicker line is required to connect the major barrel with the bypass line to enable diversion of the fluid through the barrel to launch or receive a pig. For a launcher the kicker line is connected to the major barrel as close as possible to the end closure and for a receiver as close as possible to the reducer.

Bypass Line
A bypass line is connected the pipeline with related facilities.

Balance Line
A balance line is provided on launchers to enable filling and pressurizing of the barrel on both sides of the pig at the same time. This is to prevent a pig which is ready to be launched from moving either forwards and thereby hitting and possibly damaging the pig trap valve)or backwards and losing the seal in the reducer. To ensure this, the balance line, branching off from the kicker line, shall be connected to the min